November 11, 2012


All images via: Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art 
by Art Boericke + Barry Shapiro

Picked this badboy up at the flea market today and had to share it...
Many of these photos are already floating around the Internet, but having them all in one book is priceless... and there are so many more that I had never seen before!!
The author (Boericke) + photog (Shapiro) spent years traveling down many rural roads in order to record + capture these incredible owner-built homes. Beautifully inspiring for anyone looking to build their own earth-friendly dream space. 

I also highly reccomend the following:
Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels ❖ Jane Lidz
Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design ❖ Richard Olsen
Woodstock Handmade Houses ❖ Robert Haney + David Ballantine


  1. I can't tell you how many of these books are in my house. My dad is obsessed with building timber frame houses and tiny houses and sustainable houses and... it just never ends. I love it, there is so much inspiration from these wooden houses with a beautiful human touch to them.

  2. That third picture is so gorgeous. Wow, you always share the most inspirational photos.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love these houses! It looks so cosy and pretty. Id love to have a house like that :)

  4. wonderful! the staircase with the coloured class windows are so magical. xx

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